Wheels, Axles and Lube

Learn how to properly prepare and lubricate wheels and axles to reduce friction.

Diamond Finishing Kit Specially formulated diamond compound removes the finest axle and hub imperfections, taking axle finishing to the ultimate level. Use as the final finish to a progressive polish with the Micro-Polishing System.

Micro-Polishing System Use this progressive, micro-polish system to reduce axle friction for a smooth spin! For that racing edge, follow up with the Diamond Finishing Kit.

Performance & Conformity System Make sure your derby racer meets specifications before race day. With PineCar's conformity gauge you can check if you pinewood racing car will qualify with one easy step.

XLR8® Ultra Graphite Graphite for the serious competitor! Laboratory tested for performance, special-blend formula XLR8 amps your racer's speed to the max! Includes needle applicator for precise placement.

Axle Placement Guide Learn to ensure accurate wheel spacing and axle nail alignment using the Axle Placement Guide.

Axle Shaper Learn how to straighten axle shafts, bevel axle heads and square axle heads using the Axle Shaper from PineCar.

Straight Tracker Learn to accurately bend axles to force straight tracking using Straight Tracker.

Keep Axles Secure Keep nail-type axles securely in place, guard against drops, prevent wood from splitting and maintain adequate track clearance.

Total Hub Shaper Learn to ream, square, cone and polish wheels hubs using the Total Hub Shaper.

Wheel Lathe Learn how to round and smooth wheels precisely using the Wheel Lathe.

Make it Fast When it comes time to winning races, nothing will get you there faster than a fine tuned car.

Axle Slot Jig Learn to align axle slots perfectly using the Axle Slot Jig.

Removing Axle Burrs Learn the proper technique to remove burrs from your Derby car axles.

Prepare Your Wheels Quick and easy way to make sure your PineCar Racer® wheels are ready for race day.

Installing Nail-type Axles See how using the Wheel Alignment Tool gives you the best results when installing your nail-type axles.

Test Your Wheels And Axles Learn how to test fit both nail and one-piece axles on your racer.

Test Run Your PineCar Learn to properly test your car to make sure it rides straight and if necessary, how to adjust your axles.

Race Guidelines Check your car specifications before race day. This video shows you some tools that can help you easily make sure your car measures up!

Prepare Racer Wheels Learn how to prepare your wheels and reduce friction for a fast racer.

Building PineCar Racers Learn how to build a winning PineCar racer, step-by-step, from start to finish!

Design For Speed This four-part video series shows you how to build a winning PineCar Racer®. From the initial design to reducing friction and fine-tuning, the series walks you through the process of building the fastest car on the track.

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