Weights and Center of Gravity

Learn about different weights and how proper weight distribution can make your racer a winner.

Performance & Conformity System Make sure your derby racer meets specifications before race day. With PineCar's conformity gauge you can check if you pinewood racing car will qualify with one easy step.

Tungsten Incremental Weights PineCar Tungsten Incremental Weights systems allow you to distribute car weight in precise 1/16 oz increments. These incremental weights come in cylinder and plate design to fit any derby racer.

CoG System Experience the science of speed and find out why your racer's center of gravity (CoG) is so important to maximizing speed. See how the CoG System helps you determine a weight distribution that optimizes your racer's performance.

PineCar Calculator App Learn how to use the must-have app for building the fastest PineCar Derby racer on the track.

Make it Fast When it comes time to winning races, nothing will get you there faster than a fine tuned car.

Countersink Weights Learn to counter sink your bar weight in the underside of your racer, allowing for a sleeker and more professional appearance.

Race Guidelines Check your car specifications before race day. This video shows you some tools that can help you easily make sure your car measures up!

Installing Weights Learn about the various weights that you can use on your Derby car.

Building PineCar Racers Learn how to build a winning PineCar racer, step-by-step, from start to finish!

Design For Speed This four-part video series shows you how to build a winning PineCar Racer®. From the initial design to reducing friction and fine-tuning, the series walks you through the process of building the fastest car on the track.

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