Racer Design

Learn tips and techniques for designing and building a racer that is built for speed.

Aerodynamic Pre-Cut Designs These low profile, aerodynamic blocks are rough-cut and ready to finish. Bodies have prepared cavities for round or flat weights and extra grooves for optional, extended wheelbase.

Body Builder Kit® Use the balsa wood pieces to make custom fins, fenders and other custom parts for your derby car. Balsa wood is lighter, easy to cut and easy to shape. The possibilities for shaping your car are endless.

Performance & Conformity System Make sure your derby racer meets specifications before race day. With PineCar's conformity gauge you can check if you pinewood racing car will qualify with one easy step.

PineCar Calculator App Learn how to use the must-have app for building the fastest PineCar Derby racer on the track.

This is PineCar Learn how easy it is for you to use PineCar materials and tools to build a winning pinewood derby racer!

Realistic Derby Car Designs The rough-cut pine wood body with a hollowed-out core and balsa wood sides keep these Full Body Pre-Cut Designs lightweight.

Choosing a Car Body Learn about the different car body options you have to build the winning racer of your own design.

Design Your PineCar® See how to draw your own template, plan for custom details and then cut and shape your PineCar from a block of plain wood.

Race Guidelines Check your car specifications before race day. This video shows you some tools that can help you easily make sure your car measures up!

Adding Custom Parts This video shows you how to add some flare to your racer body easily with custom parts, such as engine blocks, tailpipes and other accessories parts.

Shaping and Sanding Learn how to use a rasp to shape your racer, then sand it smooth and how to use body putty to repair imperfections in your racer body and get it ready to paint.

Building PineCar Racers Learn how to build a winning PineCar racer, step-by-step, from start to finish!

Design For Speed This four-part video series shows you how to build a winning PineCar Racer®. From the initial design to reducing friction and fine-tuning, the series walks you through the process of building the fastest car on the track.

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