Painting and Decorating

Learn varying ways to paint, decorate and otherwise customize your racer.

Sanding Sealer & Wax Use Sanding Sealer and Wax to seal and sand the wood body before you paint, then wax to give your derby car an ultra sleek shine.

Featherweight Customizing Kit Race the most original car on the track. Design and create custom car parts, details and figures. One package of sculpting clay will add less than 1 ounce to car weight.

Customize Your Wheels and Tires Wheel Flare original graphics offer a fun, quick and easy way to customize wheels and tires. Use them in a variety of combinations to get the look you want.

Design Tips Learn what you need to make a great looking race car.

PineCar Decals See just how easy it is to apply Dry Transfer Decals to any PineCar Racer®.

Painting Idea Quick, easy and slick painting idea for your PineCar Racer® wedge.

Gloss Finish PineCar keeps it simple! Learn this easy technique for adding gloss finish to your race car.

Body Skin® Custom Transfers Learn to apply Body Skin Custom Transfers to your derby car easily.

Stick On Details Learn how to use adhesive-backed holographic sheets to create customized detail for your racer. Use this technique to make body contours, numbers, letters, headlights, pinstripes and more.

Sealing and Painting This video will show you how to properly seal and paint your pinewood racing car.

Adding Custom Parts This video shows you how to add some flare to your racer body easily with custom parts, such as engine blocks, tailpipes and other accessories parts.

Body Skin® Transfers & Decals Body Skins and Dry Transfer Decals are the fastest and easiest way to customize your racer.

Building PineCar Racers Learn how to build a winning PineCar racer, step-by-step, from start to finish!

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